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About The Story Behind the Science

The Story Behind the Science website is the result of multiple projects coming together with one central purpose: to provide deeply researched, engaging stories of major science topics that explicitly highlight how science works, how scientists think, and the often messy process that leads to the development of scientific knowledge.

Each section below outlines the individual projects, their production teams, and research.


Project 1: The Story Behind the Science: Humanizing Science to Improve Post-Secondary Science Education

Scope: 30 short stories in five scientific disciplines targeting college students taking introductory science courses.


Project 2: Responding to Covid pandemic information and misinformation

Scope: Produce multiple resources for students and instructors targeting Covid topics.


Project 3: The Story Behind the Pseudoscience: Promoting Informed Socioscientific Decision-Making

Scope: Produce 12 short stories and support materials on socioscientific issues for undergraduate college students.

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