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Science is the most powerful way of understanding the natural world in terms of breadth, depth, and coherence. This is undeniably evident in the way that science knowledge has impacted technological development and human welfare, resulting in far fewer childhood deaths, longer average life-span, less physical suffering, and a human population that could not otherwise be sustained.

With National Science Foundation funding, historically accurate stories have been created that bring science and scientists to life; accurately illustrating the work of scientists, how the community of scientists mitigates bias, how scientific knowledge is developed and becomes well-established, and how to detect science misinformation and disinformation efforts. 


Thirty stories spanning five disciplines convey the efforts of scientists as they sought to understand the natural world and develop what is now accepted as well-established fundamental science ideas.


Thirteen stories and accompanying case studies convey efforts to disseminate science mis/disinformation and the tactics used to confuse the public

Why Trust Science?

Twelve stories focus on issues that wrongly impact trust in science.

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